Operation Save a Life

Operation Save a Life is a proud partnership between Kidde and ABC Television. This public service campaign is designed to educate consumers on the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Whether it’s alarm donations and education, supporting community events, educating the public or supporting firefighters, corporate responsibility is a fundamental value for Kidde! Does Operation Save a Life have an impact on communities? The answer, is absolutely yes! Philadelphia and New York City, with the longest running Operation Save a Life programs –– are reporting historic lows in fire fatalities. And it is our hope that this will spread across the country. 

Through Operation Save a Life, Kidde has donated more than 1.3 million smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to fire departments. 

For more than five years these donated alarms feature a 10-year sealed-in batteries that eliminate the need for battery replacement and simplify protection. Together, we will help save even more lives this year and the years to come. 

2018 Event Calendar:

Philadelphia, PA 1/16/2018

New York, NY 1/18/2018

Los Angeles, CA 1/26/2018

Grand Rapids, MI 3/7/2018

Houston, TX 5/31/2018

West Palm Beach, FL 6/19/2018

Houston, TX 8/3/2018 – Operation Backpack

Boston, MA 9/5/2018

New Haven, CT 9/13/2018

Denver, CO 9/20/2018

Chicago, IL 9/26/18

Raleigh, NC 10/3/2018

Orange County, CA 10/6/18

Atlanta, GA 10/9/2018

Scranton, PA 11/15/2018

San Francisco, CA 11/29/2018

Dallas, TX 12/6/2018

Harrisburg, PA 12/8/2018

These alarms are targeted for installation in low-income housing.

Getting Involved: 

If you are a fire department located in a viewing area of one of the stations below, and would like to be included on the alarm distribution list, please contact the Marketing Director for that station. Are you an ABC station interested in launching the Operation Save A Life program? Submit an inquiry.

To learn more check #OpSaveALife on social media.

Facebook: Kidde Fire Safety

Instagram: KiddeFireSafety

Twitter: @KiddeSafety

Participating Stations

The Operation Save A Life campaign is a partnership between Kidde and all of the following ABC-affiliate stations:

New York City Philadelphia
Chicago Wilkes-Barre / Scranton, PA
Harrisburg, PA Raleigh, NC
Houston, TX Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA ctnews.bmp New Haven, CT
Atlanta, GA ctnews.bmp West Palm Beach, FL
Grand Rapids, MI ctnews.bmp Denver, CO